Enabling the future of Family Information

Together we are stronger

What does the future look like?

At AntCrowd CIC, we are keen to support UK local authorities, FIS teams and multi-agencies in a closer and more fruitful way than ever before. Our desire is to build partnerships and work together to choose our own future. A fresh future, full of positive change, where FISs can at last truly provide value to all service users and professionals alike, can be fully recognised for the impact they have on people’s lives and have access to the information tools they need to do their job better, easier, quicker and more effectively, in the UK and beyond.

Better Support

FISs (Family Information Services) have had mixed experiences in the past regarding support, especially concerning technology suppliers. Success is providing support so that it feels like we are a team, advancing confidently towards a common goal.

Effective systems

We are passionate about effective technology. FISs need superior, cutting edge tools for frontline delivery of information, advice and guidance. We want to provide systems that work locally, nationally and internationally for the benefit of ALL parties, not just some.

More engagement

We believe it is important to ensure that people feel heard; that people feel like they have valid input; that people are properly consulted and given the means to get what they ask/pay for. In fact, we want to give much more …

Key role for FIS

Above all else, we want to ensure that FIS continues to be the powerhouse of information delivery that it is. We will make it better to work in the FIS, receive from the FIS and work with the FIS. That is our challenge.

It's about time we all sang from the same database ...


One data schema to cover all family service information.

One system to put the data into.

One interface that works for all users.

One fast, agile and responsive development cycle.

One place for providers to advertise and promote their full range of services, activities and venues.

One distributed team to moderate the information so that it is trustworthy.

One moderated set of information to ensure child safety.

One cost to the public … FREE!

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